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I bet you are curious about the thread here, huh? Quite frankly, since I have written it, I am feeling a little stretched to connect the dots in this title, but here' go...

I've got a theory about Life: Many of us are born as donuts. Our purpose in life is to find our donut hole. Just the donut hole is synonymous with our very own personal and different life purpose...our Calling. Whenever we find this purpose and live it, we feel whole and finish.

However, there are also the deceptive dynamics of addiction which can fill the donut hole. You will find the more obvious addictive behaviors for example alcohol and drugs, but also the more subtle (and often socially encouraged) addictions for example compulsive spending, relationships, work, sex, food and use.

At first, these addictive activities don't seem to be addictive at all. Actually, they often seem to be quite fulfilling and enjoyable. However, addiction always grows larger and larger, and starts to eat away in the "donut"...your life! Whether it continues untreated, then in the end there nothing but an enormous donut hole left...total loss and despair.


However, there is hope. The first step will be aware, and then you can set-up an "anti-addiction self intervention" program. The three steps which are essential for this type of program will be to uncover, recover, and discover:

Uncover - Addiction is like mold in that grows and festers in the dark. However, its power is diminished when it is brought into "the light". Create a powerful support on your own that you can check-in with regularly. Ask them to help you stay accountable with any addictive tendencies. Always uncover those dynamic the addictive force really wants to deny and reduce. Quite simply, commit to "tell on yourself" regularly.

Recover - Reclaim what has been lost or displaced. Define, or re-define, your values, your own personal purpose, your vision, as well as your goals. Get clear about the boundaries you need to keep away from addictive triggers. Know your addiction early-warning signs and indicators.

Discover - Design and live life in the give the near future. Create a thrilling life plan that stretches you into new, unknown territory. Uncover the "Land of Possibility"; those totally new and various people, places, and activities. Create a comprehensive list of "top-line" indicators; those positive influences which are furthest away from addictive energy. Okay, there you have it: Donuts, Addiction, and The Concept of Life. Let me know what you think. Meanwhile...

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