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In 2013, wedding dresses are following some trends that will surprise you, and some old friends that we've come to know and love!

With regards to our big day, the gown is arguably the MOST important part of the day! After all, your walk down the aisle may be the one sight that all of your guests happen to be waiting to determine! If you want to look your best as a bride, then you'll desire to be wearing one of the top 2013 wedding dresses! But what trends are there to choose from?

Let us take a look:

Embroidered lace dresses Lace wedding gowns are nothing new, but they really blew in 2011 with the British Royal wedding. The Duchess' dress was adorned with lashings of lace, and suddenly everyone wanted lace!

Deep V Necklines The deep V isn't for every bride, but it has that hint of red carpet glamour you don't get with higher necklines, and if you're busty then you'll be flaunting it!

Colored Dresses Recently there have been a number of stars choosing to get wed in non-traditional, colored dresses! How would you experience pink? It takes guts, but it really works, and no one will ever forget the wedding!

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Vintage Wedding gowns Whenever we say vintage we mean 2 things. Firstly, actual old dresses that have been passed down as heirlooms, or stored for several years and then offer for sale. Or secondly, new dresses that ape vintage styles.

Thinking of vintage then focus on modest dresses, whites or ivories, lace, flowers and pearls or beads, and simple cuts, such as Empire.

Feathers More 'black swan' than 'big bird,' feathered dresses are the height of glamour and have a beautiful, light, fly-away style! These wedding gowns are usually hand-made, plus they can be very fragile, so handle with care!

Mermaid Dresses The mermaid style is certainly not new, but it's becoming a hot wedding style once again. This is a very flattering style for brides who are searching for a killer silhouette on their own big day. The skirt hugs your hips inside a sensual way, but flares out into a beautiful 'tail,' or train.

Crystal Accents Wedding gowns with crystal or false diamond studded bodices and skirts are extremely hot right now! Although they cost you a a bit more, the added sparkle from the crystals looks simply divine in any pictures or videos, which means you won't regret the additional outlay!

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