Chicco cortina travel system
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Why purchase separate items for your child's travel needs when you can buy an all-in-one system that will meet all of his or her needs from birth through age three? Chicco travel systems are ideal because they feature three crucial pieces that can be used alone or together.

First, there is the carrycot. When the carrycot is used in combination with the stroller, it instantly becomes a lovely and comfortable pram for your walks about town. This system will take your child from birth all the way up through six months. The carrycot includes a soft mattress while the stroller providing an adjustable backrest.

The backrest can be adjusted from the outside to ensure baby is not disturbed. There is also a hood to keep your child protected from the elements. The hood can be opened or closed in complete silence. You will never have to be concerned that opening or closing a hood will disturb your baby's sleep.

chicco stroller

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